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Dunia: The North Wood - Beta v0.6.0 - Fixes and Additions 3


  • Jester's eyes close and then open a half second later when they're hit.

  • Kalu properly returns to his starting point after player flees

  • Aeydrien's complex interaction portrait has been updated

  • Thought text during complex dialogue changes to a different color Updated timing of intro logos / warnings Pressing ESC, Enter, Space / Start, A (XInput) during the intro logos/warning will skip them

  • When Reputation changes an image associated with that reputation shows up along with current Rep with that organization

  • Putting on clothes no longer causes stamina to stop regenerating

  • Quick Use Salt updates properly after interacting with a Nyim

  • Stats properly update on death when using the Unlimiter

  • Default Camera sensitivity raised during first time options setup

  • Player Feet collisions size changed to entire calf

  • Aeydrien's base clothing texture made more flat / cartoony


  • Camera transitions to a 'Combat Camera' when targetting an enemy

  • Boot, Fist, Hoof, Gunfire and Slash effects appear when a character / enemy is hit with that corresponding attack

  • Clutter added to Sewers

  • Added Organization images to Complex Conversations indicating the organization that character belongs to

  • Put small lamps next to all intractables in Green's HQ

  • During attack wind up players will turn in the direction the camera is facing.

  • Players and enemies move backwards when Staggered and turn towards hit source

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