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1001 Recipes for Delta Fish by Dakini D. Northwood


Old-Fashioned Dunian Baked Delta Fish



Fresh Delta Fish (1 fish feeds 7 people)

½ fistful unprocessed sea salt

½ fistful finely ground igma leaves


1. Heat compression oven so that interior trays are red hot

2. Gut and bone fish

3. Lay fillet open upon a large sheet of aluminum

4. Mix salt and igma leaves in a dry bowl

5. Rub both sides of fish with dry seasoning mix

6. Close fish and secure by wrapping aluminum around it

7. Allow wrapped fish to sit in cool spot for 1 hour

8. Place wrapped fish in center of compression oven. Cook for 30 minutes.


Remove from oven and let sit for 10 minutes before unwrapping fish.

Serve with fresh cold salad.


Stuffed Delta Fish



Fresh Delta fish (1 fish feeds 7 people)

1 fistful dried seaweed

1/4 fistful finely ground salt

½ fistful chopped sea mussels

½ fistful chopped sea urchins

Several large 3” strips of fresh seaweed



1 day before cooking prepare the stuffing as follows:

In a dry bowl crush seaweed and salt together until fully blended.

In a separate bowl mix mussels and sea urchins. Fill bowl with cold water and set aside for several hours. Drain and blend dry seaweed mixture in bowl with mussels. Blend together well, cover with kitchen cloth and set aside in cool space for 1 day.

Prepare fish by gutting and deboning.

Split fish open leaving 2-3” uncut at each end (forming a pouch).

Fill fish pouch with stuffing prepared the day before.

Bind stuffed fish with fresh seaweed strips.

Place wrapped fish in heat for 30 minutes.

Serve hot with chilled clam juice.


Delta Fish Soup




3 large Delta fish deboned and skinned

5 quarts water

2 quarts clam juice

4 fistfuls favorite root vegetable chopped

½ fistful finely ground fresh sea salt


In large stew pot blend water and clam juice.

Stir over low heat for 30 minutes until broth thickens slightly.

Add ¼ fistful of salt.

Stir until salt is completely dissolved.

While broth is over low heat chop fish into 1 to 2” chunks

Add fish to broth slowly, stirring occasionally

When fish meat changes color from pink to white add chopped vegetable of choice.

Stir well and cover.

Cook over medium heat for 45 minutes, stirring gently every 15 minutes.

Soup is ready when root vegetable is soft.


Serve with fresh salt bread loaf and hot tea.


The Basics of Modern Cybernetics by Masters M. Northwood


While cybernetics as a science has existed for thousands of years, only in the last hundred has cybernetics been perfected to the point where every man, woman, and child in the North Wood is equipped with some form of cybernetic, whether it be a basic replacement, or, for those who have the Salt, an enhancement ranging from the Flashlight-Eye and Zoom-Eye to the N.W.S.P. Unlimiter.

The origin of cybernetics dates all the way back to 2115 A.F. where it was used in many of the same ways it is today. However, unlike today where every Northwood is born with some sort of deformity, cybernetics of the past were often limited to the rich and famous. In 5126 A.F. however, due to planetary and magnetic shifts, most advanced technologies became unusable within Dunia’s atmosphere and the study of such was brought to a sudden halt.

With the invention of Bondo-Agent many of those technologies came back, though powered and made in different ways. It would take some time before the people of the North Wood were able to once again tackle such advanced ideas such as cybernetics, and human-animal hybridization, and it took even longer for the perfection of such to come about.

And then, with the birth of one genius scientist the North Wood would see advancements in cybernetics in ways only imagined before now: brains, hearts, lungs, organs of all kinds, arms, legs, entire skeletons! All could now be replaced with advanced cybernetics, and all could have enhancements built into them!

Now, some big words have been thrown around regarding Cybernetic components, and so a short list of basic enhancements has been included:

Flashlight-Eye: A miniature salt rod is implanted into a Cybernetic eye whose light is only visible upon Neural Activation resulting in the cornea becoming semi-transparent


Zoom-Eye: Digital and/or Optical zoom is added to an ordinary Cybernetic eye allowing for zoom-in upon Neural Activation (Picture quality may vary)


The Unlimiter: A Neural Net is grafted onto a Cybernetic, or mostly Cybernetic brain and allows for any Cybernetic enhancements located inside of the body to go beyond safety parameters. (Anyone in possession of an Unlimiter who is not a member of the N.W.S.P. is to be reported at once.)


Book of Planets


Planet: Dunia

Moon(s): Hammer, and Piston (Also classified as small planets)

Distance from Central Star: 92,960,000 miles

Diameter: 90,000 miles

Time to Spin on Axis (Day Span): 10 hours

Time to orbit Central Star (Year Span): 600 days

Gravity: 550 mph/s

Age: 35,000 years

Average Temperature: 57 °F

Contents of Atmosphere: 77% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 2% Other Elements

Year of Discovery: N/A

Brief Synopsis:

Dunia, or home as we call it, is the largest planet in the solar system, and to our knowledge the only one capable of sustaining human life. There are two major land masses on the planet’s surface; the greater land mass is called <REDACTED> while the smaller mass is called, of course, The North Wood. Little needs to be said about our home in a book about the planets. The moons that orbit Dunia, Hammer and Piston, can also be classified as small planets and will be covered later in this book.


Planet: Piston

Moon(s): N/A

Distance from Central Star: (See Dunia)

Diameter: 2,120 miles

Time to Spin on Axis (Day Span): 2 hours

Time to orbit Central Star (Year Span): N/A

Gravity: 230 mph/s

Age: 34,560 years

Average Temperature: -230 °F

Contents of Atmosphere: N/A

Year of Discovery: N/A

Brief Synopsis:

Piston is the first moon of Dunia and the smallest. Unlike Hammer, Piston was formed when a chunk of Dunia’s surface was knocked off into our atmosphere during its creation, and since then Piston has acted as something of a safeguard, intersecting harmful space debris, and thus giving it it’s pock-marked appearance.


Planet: Hammer

Moon(s): N/A

Distance from Central Star: (See Dunia)

Diameter: 8,123 miles

Time to Spin on Axis (Day Span): 23 hours

Time to orbit Central Star (Year Span): N/A

Gravity: 215.13 mph/s

Age: 5,000 years

Average Temperature: -90 °F

Contents of Atmosphere: 88% Nitrogen, 21% Helium, 1% Oxygen

Year of Discovery: 14,132 A.F.

Brief Synopsis:

Hammer is the second moon of Dunia, and also the largest, like Piston the moon is also classified as an orbiting planet, however unlike Piston which formed from Dunia’s surface Hammer was a massive meteor that, rather than crash into the planet’s surface, was instead caught by Dunia’s gravity, and was pulled into orbit around the planet. The appearance of such a large object in such close orbit caused an intense seismic reaction on Dunia; but that grim tale is best left for a different book.


Planet: Zuhuru

Moon(s): None

Distance from Central Star: 92,960,000 miles

Diameter: 8,123 miles

Time to Spin on Axis (Day Span): 23 hours

Time to orbit Central Star (Year Span): 600 days

Gravity: 215.13 mph/s

Age: 36,100 years

Average Temperature: 23 °F

Contents of Atmosphere: 99% Helium, 1% Oxygen

Year of Discovery: 125 B.F.

Brief Synopsis:

The planet of Zuhuru, named for the Writer of Winds is a gas planet that, like the other planets in our solar system, orbits the sun on the same rotation as Dunia, and is the closest planet to our own. An overabundance of space dust colliding with the planet over thousands of years has changed the color of its atmosphere yellow.


Planet: Jua

Moon(s): Hodari, Imara, and Inithia

Distance from Central Star: 92,960,000 miles

Diameter: 10,200 miles

Time to Spin on Axis (Day Span): 65 hours

Time to orbit Central Star (Year Span): 600 days

Gravity: 300.1 mph/s

Age: N/A

Average Temperature: 107 °F

Contents of Atmosphere: N/A

Year of Discovery: 125 A.F.

Brief Synopsis:

Jua is the second largest planet in our solar system, as well as the only other planet, besides Dunia, to have moons. The three small moons, Hodari, Imara, and Inithia, were all born during Jua’s creation and were all once a part of the planet’s surface.


Planet: Mshtanii

Moon(s): None

Distance from Central Star: 92,960,000 miles

Diameter: 8,123 miles

Time to Spin on Axis (Day Span): 23 hours

Time to orbit Central Star (Year Span): 600 days

Gravity: 215.13 mph/s

Age: N/A

Average Temperature: 100 °F

Contents of Atmosphere: N/A

Year of Discovery: 1 A.F.

Brief Synopsis:

While Mchtanii was discovered nearly 20,000 years ago, it has only been in recent years that we have learned more about the planet due to unmanned space technology. Unlike the other planets in the solar system Mchtanni is the only planet that we are incapable of seeing from Dunia’s surface since it resides on the complete opposite side of our sun. The oddest and most outstanding feature of Mchtanii is the fact that it possesses absolutely no atmosphere.


A Brief History of Salt by Carman A. Northwood


Salt has existed since the beginning of time and is a part of most, if not all things. Its uses began humbly enough acting as a spice one might place on their food, or a mineral to throw about on the ground to remove snow and ice. However, in the last few thousand years, and the creation of Bondo-Agent™, Salt has become so much more and now acts not only as the North Wood’s primary fuel source, but also as its main form of currency.

In the year 7,620 A.F. a woman by the name of Charline G. Northwood created what we now know today as Bondo-Agent™, a super-powered bonding agent that, when combined with common sea salt, was found to produce immense amounts of energy. This discovery ended a millennia-long crisis and brought about the resurgence of advanced technologies, including what would eventually become modern cybernetics, a scientific breakthrough that is still being advanced to this day by scientists such as Masters Mason, and Daxter Damon.

Though Salt currency has existed for the last 12,000 years the most common modern day form is that of the Salt Chip which can be used as both a form of exchange for goods and services, as well as energy supplies for any Northwood brand product including, but not limited to: Northwood Refrigerators™, Northwood Light Fixtures™, and Northwood Entertainment Devices™.

While sea water milling has always been the primary method for collecting Salt it was only within the last 500 years that the North Wood Wall was built, a towering structure that surrounds the greater North Wood island, taking in the surrounding ocean water and converting it into Salt and drinking water. As of the writing of this book, all other methods of salt milling have been outlawed, meaning the North Wood Wall now acts as the only method of acquiring either life preserving substance.

Salt in its natural state is white, or light grey, however Bondo-Agent™ can come in a variety of colors varying from teal, to dark blue, and upon the combination of the two creates a sticky blue goop that can be compressed into salt paper, salt chips, or any other form that may be required.

While it has never been directly stated by the North Wood government it is highly recommended that you keep uncompressed Salt away from skin, hair, or eyes at all times or risk electrocution.


The Advancement of the Human Condition Through Animals by Daxter D. Northwood


Many claim, and for good reason, that cybernetics is the way of the future; that someday synthetic human parts will be so sophisticated that inorganic DNA can be crafted.

I offer an alternative.

Rather than looking towards the inorganic for answers, why not look to the very creatures we share Dunia with? While the animals around the North Wood are certainly quite limited in comparison to the glory days of the Great Wood, I still believe that the best course of action is hybridization. By splicing together animal and human DNA, human beings can take-on certain desired animal traits, repair deformities, even making enhancements in some cases.

The procedure of splicing animal and human DNA can be performed on any human being, though it is recommended that the more advanced operations only be done in vitro, prior to birth. Since cats, fish and birds are the most abundant animals in and around the North Wood, many who have already undergone hybridization have developed fur, scales and feathers. In some rare instances some of the more advanced procedures have resulted in the person developing cat ears; in one instance the individual’s bone structure was altered. While rare, in some cases those who have undergone hybridization have taken on animalistic behaviors: cleaning oneself with the tongue, and in an instance of splicing the human DNA with that of a fish the individual found it more comfortable to sleep underwater.

There are varying degrees of hybridization and a variety of enhancements within the spectrum; these are defined by Marks or MKs. Basic hybridization is classified as cosmetic and elective. These are procedures where the patient desires certain attributes which are not necessarily medically necessary. Advanced hybridization involves the need to replace an organ or a limb to restore function. Cutting Edge Hybridization involves replacing key parts of the brain, something originally thought to be only possible through Cybernetics, and is still in its experimental stages. However, it is possible that one day the North Wood will see Hybridized Brains in as many numbers as their Cybernetic counterparts.


The North Wood Echelons and Their Roles in Society


As it is known the North Wood is divided into 5 casts: the Upper Echelon, Lower Echelon, Upper Class Citizenry, Common Citizenry, and Lower Class Citizenry. Each caste contains important members of society and the North Wood infrastructure with the Upper Echelon acting as the most important members, and the Lower Cast acting as the least. Anyone can enter into any caste in the North Wood; however, this is a fact known only to those of the Upper and Lower Echelons and should not be discussed with those in the lower castes.


Upper Echelon: A member of the Upper Echelon is denoted by a black on white North Wood crest, and consists of government officials, members of the N.W.S.P., and prolific figures in culture and science. Anyone within this cast is exempt of crimes that would otherwise incur the ire of the N.W.S.P., however expulsion from the Upper Echelon is possible if multiple infractions are committed, and it is recommended that any law-breaking be done discreetly.

Lower Echelon: The right hand of the Upper Echelon, denoted by a white on black crest, that consists of lower class government officials, scientists, and cultural icons. Those within the Lower Echelon are usually on a fast track to the Upper Echelon, and this caste acts as a form of stop gap between incredibly important members of society and an average citizen.

Upper Class Citizenry: Denoted mostly by their personal wealth, the Upper Class Citizenry bare a black on gold crest and mostly consist of business owners, entrepreneurs, and North Wood government approved lobbyists. Those within the Upper Class Citizenry are the only members of the general citizenry that have any power to influence government rulings, however the N.W.S.P. is at liberty to work on a case-by-case basis should anyone within this caste break any laws.

Common Citizenry: The average day/night worker in the lower rungs of society denoted by a black on blue crest. Anyone from a plumber, to a door to door salesman is categorized in the Common Citizenry. Those within this caste show no discernable qualities, or have yet to do anything remarkable. This caste and lower is taught to believe that they exist within a Democratic government, something put in place to avoid hysteria and general outrage. Basic North Wood laws apply to those within this cast with no exceptions.

Lower Class Citizenry: Those within this caste are categorized as bottom feeders, individuals who show no sign of ever doing anything notable (except perhaps for one or two exceptions), and members of this caste perform tasks and duties that normally would go unattended by the Common Citizenry. This caste is denoted by a black on brown crest, any laws that are broken by this caste are to be treated as serious offences, and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Any Common Citizenry or above caught associating with this caste are also to be reported.


How to Perform the North Wood Salute by Masters M. Northwood


Step 1: The Stand) Place your feet firmly on the ground and slightly apart (you want to feel perfectly balanced). Both arms should be resting at your sides, and you should be standing straight with your eyes forward.

Step 2: Reaching for the Ether) Lift your right hand from your side and raise it out in front of you with your hand opened as if you’re about to grab something.

Step 3: Grabbing the Ether) Close your hand tightly into a fist in the air while keeping the rest of your body still, draw blood with your nails in your palm if necessary; remember, the harder and more accurately you perform the salute the better.

Step 4: Taking the Ether) Now with as much strength as possible bring your right fist against your heart and once there spread your fingers out keeping your hand where it is.

Congratulations! You have just performed the North Wood Salute (The North Wood government does not claim responsibility for any broken ribs, or crushed lungs or hearts caused by the North Wood Salute. Anyone who has harmed themselves performing the Salute is eligible for free replacement parts if it is proven that the Salute was the cause of harm.)


North Wood Secret Police Code of Conduct


A Secret Police Officer acts as an extension of the North Wood government and is required to work within the confines of North Wood morality. The fundamental duties of a North Wood Secret Police Officer include keeping the peace, protecting the innocent, killing the wicked, and ensuring that the laws of the North Wood are followed no matter the cost. (Upper Echelon may be exempt from certain laws.)

A North Wood Secret Police Officer is expected to show extreme prejudice against any who go against the greater values of the North Wood regardless of age, sex, religion or aspiration. Any who go against the political beliefs of the North Wood government are to be brought in for questioning immediately.

Officers will never allow friendships, animosities, or personal feelings influence judgement, and most citizens will be dealt with per North Wood law. Officers are to attempt cooperation from citizens when necessary, any who refuse to cooperate are to be taken in for questioning.

Officers are urged to attempt discretion in all matters, however if it is deemed necessary extreme measures can be taken but must be reported to the North Wood government if casualties are involved.

Warnings can be an effective means of achieving a desired effect, but if a single individual, or group is given multiple warnings Officers may act at their own discretion.

An Officer should use force if it is deemed necessary, and is advised to cause minimal pain and suffering when needed.

Any information given in a confidential manner by any member of the populous other than the Upper Echelon is to be reported directly to the North Wood government.

A North Wood Secret Police Officer will not engage in bribery, or corruption, nor will they condone such acts by another officer.

Officers may act of their own free will, and have full backing from the North Wood government in all actions, the Code of Conduct is to be adhered to as closely as possible and misconduct will be dealt with on a case by case basis.



The Princes of North & South, a Romantisized Historical Fiction by Ravit S. Northwood


Long ago when the world was young and trees covered half the world, the North Wood was only a small part of the greater world. The Great Wood, as it was called, was a massive continent that stretched from the northern pole, all the way to the southern pole. The North Wood stood, of course, to the North, then to the East the East Wood, to the West the West Wood, and to the South the South Wood. Each of these were their own separate kingdoms, ruled by their own separate rulers. Borders shifted, grew, and shrunk with the passage of time following in the wake of alliances or wars, or in some instances both; but no consolidation of territory was so great as that of the marriage of the Princes of North and South, a union that would begin the end of the four kingdoms and bring about a peace that would last generations afterwards.

Saburo Northwood was not the first child, and so would never sit upon the throne or rule the kingdom; nor was he the second child, so should his eldest brother die before bearing a child of his own he still would not sit upon the throne. Saburo was the third child, a prince, but still only the third child, and so would only ever be King in his imaginings, or in some horrific event that he dared not dream-up. The third child, in most instances, was a commodity to be used in exchange with another family either for food, land, or title. The only difference in Saburo’s case was that he was a prince, and so would only be given at great cost, and to another of royal blood.

Hagen Southwood was the brother to the newly minted King and his ambitions to take the throne were widely known. The new King, young, but wise, chose to, rather than exile Hagen, instead betrothed him to the third son of the North Wood so that the two families could unite and Hagen could be put to better use.

The Princes were carried from their castles to a small inn on the border between the North and South Woods for their marriage; the spectacle of a Royal wedding at a castle done away with in favor of a quiet locale where documents could be signed, and land traded. The inn was somber, the entire occasion feeling more like a funeral than a marriage, as neither prince would speak to the other after their initial greetings.

Perhaps it was their natural bias, one being from the North Wood, and the other from the South Wood, that sparked the animosity, or perhaps it was the fact that Hagen was angry that he was being used as a bargaining chip to be married off to the third son of a distant family.

Saburo had other things on his mind, much more interested in the surrounding forest than he was the inn, or the inevitable marriage. To him it did not matter, he was simply doing as his family wished. Rather than brood and wait, as Hagen did, the third prince of the North Wood would instead hunt, bringing down animals and bringing them back for the feast that would be had once the marriage was done with.

Hagen was both impressed and surprised as his fiancé returned hefting a beast twice his size that would be eaten at a small feast once vows had been exchanged. Hagen, being something of a hunter himself, soon found himself jealous of his fiancé’s skill, and so left the inn to hunt as well.

Hours passed and Hagen was nowhere to be found; so Saburo and a great number of knights left to find and bring back the wayward Southern Prince.

The group went deeper and deeper into the woods, the sun having set some time ago and the moon having not yet met its brightest point. Suddenly from within the darkness the group heard yelling, and the growls and snarls of a ferocious animal. Rather than wait for his knights to follow, Saburo rushed after the sound to find a clearing marked with blood, a badly beaten Hagen up in a tree, and a ferocious and humungous furred beast.

Saburo drew his Swordbreaker, its golden hilt glinting in the moonlight, the crest of the North Wood chiseled into folded steel, the Third Prince calling out to the beast and clanging his blade against some nearby stones, waiting for the creature to turn and approach. The big beast rose to strike just in time for the Third Prince to drive his weapon into its chest; however, to Saburo’s shock and surprise the beast did not die, instead coming down and swatting the Third Prince away. Now enraged it rushed at the downed Prince of the Northwood before suddenly collapsing forward as numerous arrows sprouted from its back and head, the knights having arrived just in time.

The somberness lifted from the inn as the two Princes healed, the engagement having been pushed back several weeks. In that time the Princes of the North and South Woods got to know each other better, and when the day came for them to wed, rather than it being simply a political move, it was also that of love.

On that day the North Wood and the South Wood became close allies, and from there the East and West Woods would follow; the Great Wood eventually became the North Wood, and the rest is history.


The Signifigance of a Swordbreaker By Aeydrien M. Northwood


Throughout the history of the North Wood, the Swordbreaker has been a part of our lives. Not only does it stand for personal strength, but the strength of the North Wood as a whole. By undertaking the design and creation of the Swordbreaker, the owner shows a great deal of willingness to protect what they hold dear.

The History of the Swordbreaker: The origins of the Swordbreaker are currently unknown. Some speculate that the initial creation was a mere, but beautiful accident, that lead to a grand tradition. Others hazard to guess that the idea came to someone in a dream at some point. What is known is that the tradition of creating a Swordbreaker has been carried on for generations in the North Wood, creating shining examples of greatness through its process.

The Process of Creating a Swordbreaker: The first step in creating a Swordbreaker is the design. Each Swordbreaker is unique to the individual, both for aesthetic and optimization in use. One may take a number of things into consideration during this point in the process, such as the type of metal from which the hilt will be made.

A swordbreaker's hilt is always made of a precious metal, but those with a higher social standing may opt for a more precious metal. Those in the higher standings of the North Wood usually tend to have a hilt made of gold, as it is the most precious metal available.

It is also at this time that one may consider how dedicated they are to protecting the North Wood and themselves.

The next step in creating a Swordbreaker is the creation of the handle. This is done by heating metal until it is malleable to the touch, then grabbing a hold of it with one's bare hand. This imbues the hilt with part of the user, quite literally, and usually results in the loss of the hand due to severe burns. This is fortunately and easy remedied with the use of a cybernetic replacement.

It is of note that some users choose to allow the handle to mold to their hand, signifying an absolute dedication to defending the North Wood. While it is no guarantee, often these individuals find themselves amongst the higher echelons of security within the North Wood.

Once the user has created the handle, and if it is separate from their body, the grip is bound tightly in leather to avoid slipping. This caution is furthered with a strap that circles the user's wrist, effectively tethering the Swordbreaker to its owner.

The blade of the Swordbreaker is created by no small feat. For seven days and seven nights, the metal is heated, pounded and folded-over onto itself, creating an incredibly strong blade. It is then etched with the crest of the North Wood.

Once the entire Swordbreaker is constructed, it is sharpened and cleaned and ready for the user to use in protecting the North Wood against anything that may threaten its people.


Excerpts from the Religious Texts of the Firsts


1:1 In the beginning, there was Ohn. And Ohn was One, and One was All. For time immeasurable, Ohn was Thought, and was contented contemplating Existence, and Purpose, and Reason, and the nature of Time itself.


1:2 And Ohn infused the Great Void with manifestations of these Thoughts. And Ohn created Dunia, with all of its inhabitants, and stars, and moons, and sister planets. And when Ohn beheld the Creation, Ohn knew Joy.


1:3 And Ohn, wishing to share Joy with the Dunians, infused Dunia with an ether. And Ohn imbued the ether with the Geniuses, what the Dunians called Muses. For the Geniuses were manifestations of Ohn’s Thought, that the Dunians could share the Thought, and be inspired, and know, in part, Ohn.


1:4 And when the first Dunians awoke at the dawn of the Creation, the Geniuses of Ohn awoke with them. And of the Dunians were the three original families of Northwood. And the Muses called forth the names of these families, like a vibration on a breeze; ‘Maarav, Naoki, and Fai. And being awakened, the members of the three families were able to perceive the song emanating from the mist, and were drawn to it.

1:5 And Aatami, head of the Maarav clan, reached out into the ether, saying to his children, ‘I sense a great Joy and Awareness emanating from the mist. Do you not feel it, too? It is as a vibration upon the air. A loving warmth seems to dwell within. It draws me to it. Do you not feel it?’ And Aatami’s children sensed the tremor upon the air, and the pull of the Joy and Love coming from the mist. And Magnus, the eldest, spoke, and said, ‘Yes, father, we feel it as well.’ And, following the example of their father, all the members of the family of Aatami reached into the ether.


1:6 And the children of Aatami drew the ether into themselves, and they were greatly rewarded. For the breath of the Geniuses imparted Wisdom and Inspiration. And through them, the Dunians knew the Joy of Ohn.




1:15 And Aatami, heeding the wisdom of the voices, called his family to him. And Aatami’s children stood before their father, and a light shone from their faces, for they, too, knew the Joy and Love of Ohn, having reached into the ether of the Geniuses.


1:16 Then Aatami named the Geniuses in the ether the Muses, for their Love and Wisdom inspired all those that reached out to them. And Aatami was inspired to record the Teachings of the Muses, that it should be shared with all Dunians.




Excerpts from the Book of the Teachings of the Muses


2:3 And Aatami awoke early one morning, for he felt the Muses calling. And, while the rest of his family slept, Aatami stepped outside and reached into the ether, and pulled it into himself, and was greatly rewarded.


2:5 And, thus, Aatami wrote: ‘I, Aatami, of the House of Maarav, do herein record, for all present and future Dunians, the Teachings of the Muses.’


2:8 These, then, are the three pillars of a righteous life for all Dunians to adopt in all the things they do, in thought and in deed:


2:9 First Pillar: Share what you have, each with the other, whether that be the wisdom of the Muses, food for the stomach, or shelter from the cold and rain. You are each your brother’s keepers, and your sister’s keepers. In this way shall you share the Joy of Ohn with all Dunians.


2:10 Second Pillar: Do nothing to disturb the flow of life’s energy on Dunia, for the planet is blessed and of Ohn’s Creation. And the life of all Dunians is intertwined with all other life on the planet, and the one shall not live without the other.


2:11 Third Pillar: Take care that all you do preserves these things for the future; that your children’s children shall also know the song of the Muses, and share in the Joy of Ohn.




2:17 For those Dunians who live according to the Teachings of the Three Pillars, there will be great rewards of Enlightenment and Knowledge, and Wisdom through Understanding, and Compassion and Justice through Patience. And such a one shall know the Joy, and Love, and Truths of Ohn, so that in their final passing from this life, they shall join with the Muses in the ether, and become, themselves, a giver of those Truths to tomorrow’s children.


Excerpts from the Religious Texts of the Seconds


3:07 And Omid, son of Ondrej, son of Vadik, was a pious man; and he was strong with the faith, for the Three Pillars were the foundation upon which he had built home and family, as had his fathers before him.


3:10 And Omid joined with the ether of the Muses each day of his life so that he was filled with the Joy of Ohn. And the teachings and wisdom of the Muses which he received each day were shared with the Recorder, and with his family, and any who would come to hear.


3:14 And Omid was want to take long walks through the forest, for the life force of Dunia was strong among the trees and creatures that dwelled within. And so too was the ether of the Muses strong within the forest; for the one grew or diminished according to the strength of the other.


3:18 And it happened that one day Omid was so overcome with the spirit of the Muses that he swooned beneath a tree. And when Omid was over-long in the forest his wife, Valencia, sent their eldest son Udom to look for him; for Udom knew the paths that Omid was want to walk upon.

3:20 And when Udom set out to search for Omid the sun was high in the sky. And Udom wandered the known paths through the forest for many long hours, calling Omid’s name; though it wasn’t until night had fallen that Udom finally came upon Omid sitting beneath a tree.


3:21 And when Udom saw Omid he ran to him calling, “Father, father.” But Omid did not answer and stared at the stars as if he had fallen deaf, or sat in a dream.


3:23 And Udom sat beside Omid and watched over him through the night. And when the sun rose on the next morning Omid woke from his dream.


3:24 And seeing Udom, Omid turned to him and said “Udom, my son, yesterday when I joined with the Muses a great vision filled me, and it was wondrous. But I am troubled, my son, for the visions were unlike any others I have ever received before.”


3:28 And Udom, seeing that his father was troubled by the vision, tried to soothe him, and he said ‘Father, whatever you have seen was a gift from the Muses, and through them a gift from Ohn. Why should any of their Teachings trouble you?”


3:30 And Omid replied, “This vision was more likened to a dream. And in the dream I perceived Ohn as the Great Dreamer, that which the Muses call The Writer, and we are all part of the Great Dream.”


3:31 Then, as if whispering to himself, Omid spoke again, saying “If Ohn awakes, we all cease to exist. You, me, everyone we know and all that was, is, and is yet to be will be no more. Dunia will cease to be.”


3:40 When Omid and Udom arrived home, Valencia saw that something was troubling Omid. And she said “I can see from your face that you are troubled. Tell me what has happened my husband.”


3:41 And, as if in a trance, Omid replied: “I joined yestereve with the Muses, and they showed me a vision in a dream. And the vision was of Ohn, and Ohn was sleeping. And the Muses revealed this to me, saying: “Son of Dunia, behold Ohn, the Great Dreamer, the Great Writer of all realities you have known. You children of Dunia are children no more. You have grown, and the Time of Revelation is upon you. Heed, now, our message to you, which you shall share with all of Dunia:


“Ohn is the Dreamer, the Great Writer; author of the visions of which we are all a part.

In the beginning, there were the lesser Writers; those who scripted the Great Dream into that which you call reality. They created and molded that reality per their own interpretations of the elements of the Great Dream which were revealed to them. It was they who inscribed the reality that you live and know.


We Muses are the lesser interpreters of the Great Dream. We have the power to keep the planet spinning, the air blowing, the sun rising and setting. That which life requires to continue we control.


But you Dunians are children no longer. Your fate is now in your hands, you have control over your destiny; what kind of a people you will be. You have free will. Your choices are now your own.


The Muses will always be here for you, as counselors and advisors. But your decisions are yours to make.


The three pillars have been the foundation upon which your spiritual lives have been built. May they continue to serve you well as they have as you go forward into the future.”


Excerpts from the Religious Texts of the Thirds


3:5 And Vadik said to his son Fai: “When Dunia was young the Muses gave us the Joy of Ohn and the Three Pillars upon which to build our society, and a moral compass to guide our lives.


3:7 For four thousand years our ancestors lived in peace and grew in wisdom and understanding. And as we grew older and wiser the Muses revealed the true nature of Ohn, the Sleeper and the Dreamer. And it was revealed to us then that the Muses were the Writers of the Great Dream of Ohn; translating the Dream into the reality that we know.


3:10 Now my son, the visions and voices from the mist have imparted to me yet another revelation; one that will shake the very foundations of our faith.”


3:12 And Fai, seeing that Vadik was trembling, said “Father, I beseech you, tell me what the Muses have shared this day. For clearly it is a message of great import to us and our people.”


3:15 And Vadik turned to Fai, and a light like fire was in his eyes, and he spoke with a voice like thunder, saying: “We are the Muses. We are the lesser gods; the tools of Ohn, the Great Writer. And while Ohn sleeps, the Muses who came before formed a self-governing pantheon. And it has been the duty of the lesser gods to master the events of the cosmos that keep the Dream alive and flourishing.”

3:16 And Fai trembled to hear Vadik speak. For his voice was like thunder, and his words shook the very pillars of their faith, and a light of great wisdom flashed in his eyes so that Fai raised his hand to shade his own eyes from that light.


3:20 For Vadik understood the meaning of the message, and was filled with wonder and joy; and he sought to impart that wisdom and joy to his son and the rest of his family, and to share the revelation with all Dunians.


3:25 And on the morrow of his vision Vadik bathed and dressed and was wrapped in a robe of white which his wife had prepared for him. And the robe was plain and without charge save that on the back she had embroidered the emblem of the Tree of North Wood.


3:27 And Vadik’s family followed behind as he walked to the Recorders to reveal the latest vision.


3:30 And Vadik said to the Recorder: “Yesterday the Muses imparted to me a vision of great import which I am loath to share with you, for the implications are greater than any revelations since the first imparting of the Three Pillars.”


Teachings of the Muses to the Thirds:


Herein are recorded for all Dunians the teachings of the Muses as revealed to Vadik on this the 10th day of 11th month in the year 555 A.F.:


* Ohn is truly the Great Writer, the Sleeper, the Dreamer. Ohn’s Great Dream provides us with the vision.


* We Muses are also writers; we too are gods. Lesser gods, perhaps. Not omnipotent, but immortal and powerful.


* We are the force that imbues the world with life. We each have a role in the keeping of the universe that you know. We keep the sun rising and setting; we are the stewards of the Great Dream, ensuring it goes on as long as Ohn sleeps.


* Yet we have not always been so. In the beginning, Ohn created the Muses to imbue the Great Dream with life. But as you Dunians grew and multiplied and joined with the mist of the Muses their eternal essence became more and more a part of the people.


* The children of Dunia have grown; grown very great indeed. After generations of joining with the Muses you have become the Muses.


* Hear now the 3 steps you must take to join with the immortal essence:


Step 1: All of the insights you gain by joining with the Muses is the first step in beginning the ascension to godhood.


Step 2: There is nothing after death save the Great Void. But an individual can strive to break through the chains of mortality. Awakening this desire for immortality is the second step in the ascension to godhood.


Step 3: If you have fulfilled the first 2 writs of ascension, when you are nearing life’s end, you must seek out and kill a Writer in order to take their place within the pantheon.


* Know, now, you children of Dunia, that the Writers were all once men and women just like you. This is how the mists of the Muses is perpetuated through the ages. All of you have the potential for immortality and godhood if you stay open to the Teachings and gain understanding and wisdom.


* I do not counsel against the original Three Pillars, which taught compassion for your fellow Dunians. This remains the very foundation of your society; that which knits us all together. And we say “us,” for “us” it is. We are one: Muse and Dunian, for long as Ohn sleeps and continues the Great Dream. Each Dunian must from here-on-out consider the perfection of Self paramount over all other needs and desires. From now on, the needs of the one in seeking enlightenment and perfection in the quest for immortality and godhood, takes precedent over the needs of the many. Self-perfection is to take precedent over all other things.


The Loss of History: 5 Natural Disasters that Nearly Destroyed the North Wood by Phillip S. Northwood


The North Wood and its citizens are no stranger to disaster. In our long and storied history, we have suffered a number of natural catastrophes that have nearly caused, the extinction of our species, some so severe you would think the planet itself was trying to get rid of us. This book was created to catalogue the 5 most extreme natural disasters that have occurred in the last 20,000 years.


5 The Fall: No self-proclaimed historian can call themselves such without intimate knowledge of the event we now call The Fall, and no list about natural disasters would be complete without it. Roughly 19,000 years ago a large piece of space debris crash landed on the adjacent side of the planet, causing earthquakes, tidal waves, and even started a detrimental shift in the planet’s atmosphere. The North Wood’s greater island was split in half, and it wasn’t until the recent invention of terraforming technology that we saw the two halves return as one. To this day nobody is entirely certain what the debris was, but it created an entirely new continent.

4 The Melting Icecaps: Several thousand years after The Fall, Dunia found its polar icecaps melting due to mysterious circumstances. Scientists speculate that the melt was due to the raised sea levels, and because of this we now find ourselves on a small island, rather than the sprawling woods that the North Wood was named for.

3 The Appearance of Hammer: Hammer was not always a celestial body floating in our upper atmosphere; and of the natural disasters listed in this book, this one is the most recent. Only 4,000 years ago, the moon we now call Hammer was an aimless meteor, floating about in space with no direction until, as it was passing through our solar system it was snatched up in Dunia’s impressive gravity well. Now, as one might imagine, this was a catastrophe for the North Wood, resulting in tidal waves and tectonic shifts. Acts of nature such as these are also why the North Wood Wall was constructed around the island.

2 The Loss of the Great Tree: The Great Tree was the North Wood’s greatest tie to our ancestry; standing for over 10,000 years only to be destroyed by a simple virus that, at the time, had no foreseeable cure. All were forced to watch as the Great Tree withered and died, leaving our ancestors without the use of wood for centuries. Historians are divided on what happened next. Some say that one of The Writers descended from the heavens and gifted the North Wood with the ability to compensate the survivors for all they had lost by providing them with various metals instead. Others believe, that such a great loss of natural resources forced experimental changes (which is much more likely, in this humble writer’s opinion).

1 The Polarity Shifts: Before salt powered the technology we use today, the North Wood had access to a vast array of advanced technology, and teleportation was still a viable means of transportation. By around the early 52nd century that all changed, when the greater island was realigned when the northern pole of the planet became the southern pole. All life on the greater island was wiped-out, and the only reason I’m able to write this book today is due to luck. Not more than a year prior to the shift, the people of North Wood had started creating underwater cities, far from the shores of the greater island. Their purpose has still not been disclosed to the public. Two of these cities survived the shifts, and with them the citizens living there. We are still feeling the aftermath of that tragedy to this day, with most technology of that era rendered unusable thanks to the shifts in the planet’s atmosphere.

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