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The World of Dunia


An enormous planet orbiting a dying star and home to most of the goings-on within the Dunia series. After thousands of years of natural disasters and resource mining, the continent that spanned from one end axis of the planet to the other has been reduced to a city surrounded by water.


The North Wood

Once a giant continent known as the Great Wood, spanning Dunia from its northern to its southern icecaps, after thousands of years of natural disasters and resource depletion the North Wood has been reduced to an island city. While being technologically advanced, the North Wood society has evolved into a socialist dystopia.

Name: Masters Mason-Northwood

Age: Unknown

Lineage: Mason

Occupation: Cybernetics Expert, Head North Wood Scientist

Height: 6’0

Weight: 342 lbs

Eye Color: Neon Blue

Hair Color: Pitch Black

Blood Type: N/A

The foremost scientist in cybernetics on the planet, and the North Wood’s last, best hope for survival. Some say he’s an insane madman who’s killed thousands of people. Others say he’s the savior of humanity. Even more say that the original Masters died a long time ago…

Name: Aeydrien Mason-Northwood

Age: 110 Dunian Years

Lineage: Mason

Occupation: North Wood Secret Police Captain

Height: 7’2

Weight: 577 lbs

Eye Color: Royal Blue

Hair Color: Pitch Black

Blood Type: O-

Like her cousin Masters a person’s point of view is the defining point of what exactly Aeydrien is. Some believe her to be a mad woman, wholly out of control of her own actions, and a pawn for the North Wood government. Others believe her to be an agent of the divine, a prophet of the all mighty, and a protector to the downtrodden.

Name: Daxter Daemon-Northwood

Age: 115 Dunian Years

Lineage: Daemon

Occupation: Terrorist, Traitor, Hybridization Specialist

Height: 8’0

Weight: 407 lbs

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: None

Blood Type: B+

Once one of the head scientists working for the North Wood Government, and Masters husband. Now a traitor to the greater good, and a terrorist in hiding. Having attempted to kidnap Masters, and begin a coup against the government he’s not seen kindly by the average citizenry, but like all things it merely depends on your point of view. Many see him as a revolutionary trying to save his home, and it’s even said he performs free surgery on those who seek his aid.

Name: Diana Daemon-Northwood

Age: 110 Dunian Years

Lineage: Daemon

Occupation: Head Psychologist

Height: 5’8

Weight: 137 lbs

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Hair Color: Slate Black

Blood Type: B-

Had she grown up with her brother, Daxter, her life might have been quite different, perhaps following in his footsteps. As it was, however, she instead became Masters’ lackey. Doing his errands, and demanded tasks without a second thought. Her skills in science are limited, focusing instead on psychology which has gotten her far in a world where everyone has one form of mental problem or another.

Name: Arren A. Cow

Age: Unknown

Lineage: Waandishi

Occupation: Unknown

Height: Varies

Weight: Varies

Eye Color: Amber

Hair Color: Varies

Blood Type: Unknown

Almost nothing is known about the one they call Arren Aticus Cow, simply because barely anyone has ever met him, and talked about it at least.

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