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Dunia: The North Wood - Beta v0.5.1 - Fixes and Additions 1


  • Stamina Unlimiter no longer immediately fills Stamina when used.

  • On Death, Sanity will only drain by half, unless Sanity is less than or equal to 1 in which case players will respawn with 1 Sanity.

  • Unlimiter Strength no longer remains active after Unlimiter is Deactivated.

  • UI sizes for Ultra HD have been scaled properly.

  • Interaction with Red now requires players to stand in front of her to interact. Red's Interaction collision has been increased in size. And disabled collision on Red's food plate.

  • Enemies that can heal will no longer have infinite stamina after healing.

  • Aeydrien no longer regenerates stamina after blocking a hit, and Block Breaking now properly triggers if stamina is dropped below 0 when a hit is blocked.

  • The elevator can no longer be interacted with at incorrect angles.

  • Messages from Arren have been made more visible, spread out, and can no longer be interacted with during combat.

  • Removed Invisible Wall from Start Menu, replaced with metal railing.

  • Players who die in the Main Menu will no longer face an infinite load upon trying to return to the Main Menu after death, and the Save Masters mission will be acquired no matter how players enter the Sewers.

  • Sanity Loss screen affect has been made twice as long.

  • Firing the Gun while locked onto an enemy will no longer cause gunshot to veer off in random directions.

  • Enemies hit by the Gun while Out of Stamina will now properly receive damage.

  • Hitting enemies with the Gun Shot will now initiate combat.

  • Gun Damage increased from 3 to 10 Health Damage.

  • Cost to Fire Gun raised from 50 to 100 Salt.

  • Game file sized reduced by half at expense of greater loading times.


  • Item descriptions have been added to Red's Shop, and the player now teleports a couple feet away from the store front after interacting with the Shop.

  • Cha-Ching noise now plays when interacting with Red's Shop.

  • Windowed Fullscreen added to Resolutions Options.

  • Which ending players achieved is now displayed during the beta ending, True Freedom and True Control Endings have also been added.

  • Changed how Attack Speed works making it a Total variable composed of multiple variables similar to Damage calculation.

  • Attack Speed is now tied into Drawing/Sheathing, Transformation Attacks, and Blocking.

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