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Dunia: The North Wood - Beta v0.5.2 - Fixes and Additions 2


  • Increased play rate of drawing / sheathing animations from 1 to 1.2

  • Red Salt Damage Increase reduced to 3 (Originally 5) and Speed Increase reduced to .5 (Originally 1)

  • Salt Amount Acquired UI text now remains on screen for an additional 2 seconds and Salt Amount text takes an additional .5 seconds to fade out and in during Salt Change UI events

  • Unlimiter Activation Overlay UI now takes .5 seconds to fade in completely (originally .2)

  • Mission Got UI text remains on screen for 4 seconds (originally 2)

  • Reputation Change UI text fades in/out for an additional 2 seconds (Entire sequence now 4 seconds, originally 2)

  • Cannot Use Item UI animation increased from .5 seconds to 1 second

  • Death Message UI now plays for 3.5 seconds (originally 2.5 seconds)

  • Got Item UI now plays for 4 seconds (originally 3 seconds)

  • All Cameras, Including intro Cinematic Cameras, will now be affected by player set post processing settings

  • Players can no longer fire their Salt Gun unless they're locked onto an object or enemy

  • Landing footstep sounds now play even if the player isn't wearing pants

  • Fixed error during Unlimiter Activation that was stopping Stamina from regenerating properly.

  • Added Java (Coffee) maker, and heating element next to Red in Green's HQ


  • 'I Can't Do That Right Now' text appears in UI if players attempt to Switch To Hand to Hand, Switch to Weapon, Switch Quick Items, Use Items, Go To the Pause Menu, or Go to the Main Menu during instances where they shouldn't be able.

  • Added Character Portraits (currently just placeholder images) to Complex Interactions.

  • Elevator to Sewer Train station added (Elevator blocked off until next update)

  • Added X and Y Camera Control to Controls Options Menu, this will also affect the Lock-On system.

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